Aqua Gardens Villa

The Aqua Gardens Adventure

Our adventure began in May of 2018. Our move to the McKenzie River took even us by surprise. Since we’ve been here, we’ve been learning, growing – and getting in much better shape than our previous city life had demanded!

We’ve got grand visions and brave plans but we will always be taking one day at a time as we learn to trust the land, honor the history, and follow our dreams.

We’ve found wonderful friends and neighbors in and around McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. Help and advice has come from many surprising places and we have often felt as though providence was smiling on us. Local neighbors and city-dwelling friends have shown up for us and helped us continue to move forward on our plans to share this remarkable estate.

The three bedroom, two bath guest house will sleep up to 8 people. Come for a visit, come for a swim, see how we’re doing, and have an adventure of your own!

Our 18′ x 40′ indoor swimming pool is perfect for any season. The Pool House is large enough for comfortable and relaxing gatherings. There is a Steam Room available, a bathroom w/shower, a kitchenette w/refrigerator and microwave, as well as a 60″ Television and Sound bar. Towels are provided if you need them. Guest House guests are allowed special access.  (See the Guest House Booking Page for details.)

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